Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Truth, Foolishness and Wisdom

Enjoying some time with my folks. Sometimes a trucker's life does work better than planned. Got to spend the night at their house and am soon to enjoy some French Toast made with Mom's homemade bread. Mmm..Mmm... Usually driving for a living is a a frustrating series of hurry up and wait. If I go into the day thinking that everything will work out perfectly I would be in constant state of agitation. But if I plan for hiccups and delays along the way, my emotional volatility is significantly subdued.

Driving for a living is like searching for truth. I spend most of my time in the truck , but I am always heading for some purposeful address.

Truth is both a path and a destination. Sort of a chicken and egg thing; when we look for truth we have to start with the truth. It is not a one time possession or something we can hold in our hands. To grasp the truth we must first have an ability to perceive it and know what it is, and you can't get the truth without many, many truthful decisions from the beginning of the search and every step along the way.

We need to make the wise choices and throw away the foolish ones. Which leads us to trying to understand what the difference is.

Foolishness is not merely stupidity or ignorance. Stupidity is a lack of mental ability that is not curable. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge that is either purposely or indifferently chosen.

Foolishness is a deliberate choice to do something that is harmful to oneself or society.

Wisdom on the other hand is not just knowledge or intelligence. Knowledge is an ability to remember facts. Intelligence is the ability to organize those facts.

Wisdom is a deliberate choice to do good for oneself and society, with the relevant information as we are aware of it.

That begs the question; what does “to do good” mean. Do you know?

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