Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Truth and Playing God - Relativism

Truth and Playing God
Last blog I wrote “I am not God.”  A no brainer if I ever heard one.

Yet, I am convinced we all are earnestly and fervently trying to usurp His authority in our lives.  We all want to be God.

The entire human race does this in more than one way or another.  We do this several ways, both corporately and individually.

Corporately, we try to be God by using Relativism, Scientific Method, Reason, and Atheism to name a few.
Relativism is a search for truth using the times, the culture, the sub-culture, and “common” morals to determine what we consider to be truth. This makes truth a subject to our culture, and the times we live in.

By definition truth is an absolute and not dependant on external forces to form it.  The culture and times do not determine truth.  Truth determines how we live in our times and culture.

Basically, Relativism is a consensus of thought that determines truth.  If we agree that something is true then it must be true.

This is silly. As if we could change the direction water flows by agreeing that the truth of gravity is actually a lie.  The way we think about gravity does not change its natural law.  We could not travel to outer space simply by suspending altering our belief in gravity.  Consensus that suspends the law of gravity does not change how we are stuck to this planet.

Truth stands alone and is not dependant on anything to prove it.

What do you think?

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