Thursday, March 11, 2010

Referencing Truth

I once knew a man named Wes, who’s last name was Ted. I had to bail him out of jail because he was a-wes-ted.

This is a bad joke reflecting my sense of humour, or lack thereof, to start the day. My kids know my wit and will apply its label to any pun by saying, “that’s a dad thing to say.”

To know truth we must be able to recognize it as easily as my children recognise my jokes. The converse is also true; in order to recognize it we must know truth. My kids need to understand humour in order to think my jokes funny. OK, about me being funny, that may or may not be true.

So how so we start? We need a reference point, some baseline that lets us know where we are, so we can move in a direction that points to the truth.

There is a tree that stands alone on the prairie of Manitoba. It stands tall beside the Trans-Canada highway almost exactly halfway between Brandon and Winnipeg. One hundred kilometres to Brandon and 100 kilometres back to the ‘Peg. I text my friend almost every time I pass it, often using a corny riddle to explain my location. “X L Ent” and “Treemendous” are just two of a plethora of identities I have given this spot and I am trying to send a new identity every time.

When I am heading west this tree signifies an unofficial beginning trip. The next delivery will be many miles down the road and I can settle in to enjoy the drive. If I have forgotten something I am well past returning for it, unless what I have forgotten is my mind and then I can only how that it returns to me on its own.

When I am heading east the big tree means that I am almost home. I am only about 2 hours from the house and for a trucker who has been out on the road these last two hours are oft times the longest two hours of my trip.

So we need a tree of truth, planted in our soul to determine if we are heading to or moving away from the truth. Hey, wasn’t there a tree mentioned in the Bible? Was it the tree of truth? Hmmm....

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  1. i am truely hoping that i will be able to post this comment. I've planted alot of trees in my lifetime, some spruce, some crab apple trees, some laurel leaf willow, some poplar, and some not so poplar!
    psalm 1 talks of a man with wisdom: he will be like a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season, and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers. It takes a lot of water for a tree to grow, and when it is planted close to a stream, it will flourish. the parallel i see here is that if we are drinking from the source of living water, Jesus, we will have life and will flourish.