Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing God -Scientific Method

As I have mentioned before, any search for truth needs to start with the self-recognition of fallibility.  We must stop playing God before we can see truth.  Last blog I wrote briefly about Relativity. This blog I want to write about using Scientific Method to play God.

Scientific Method is all about proving the facts and as such has its own merits in a hunt for truth.  It uses the empirical method to divide truth from fiction.  With science we know that molecules and atoms form the basic elements of everything on the planet.

However, Scientific Method is limited to what we can see, hear, touch, feel, and taste.  We can expand the value of our 5 senses with a multitude of equations, machines, tools, formulas, etc.  By doing so, we have accumulated an incredibly huge amount of facts and knowledge.

Even with all the knowledge we acquire how much does mankind really know?  Who can estimate how much more there is to learn?  It seems as if we still have an infinite number of inventions that need to be made.

So if we consider all we don’t know and compare it to what we do know, it seems to me that mankind has a very small grasp on what is truth.  The ratio of know to what-could-be-known would look like .000001/1,000,000,000,000 or smaller. 

If there is an infinite amount of information mankind lacks why would we base truth on what we know?  Science is fallible because it lacks all the facts needed to determine truth.

Science plays at God when we use it as the final judge to determine what is real and what is false.

Where do let you let science decide what truth is? 

How often has it let you down? 

Where do you let your 5 senses determine your course of action? 

Where do you put Science above God?

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