Saturday, March 6, 2010

Most of my life has been a search for truth. Or maybe that should be a search for Truth.

Truth is elusive. It is not easily found, nor does it give itself up without a struggle. Struggles may exhaust and nearly destroy the pursuer. Fights may lead the seeker to hopelessness and futility. Or battles may drain the soul and empty the mind of reason and purpose.

On the other hand Truth can also give hope, invigorate the psyche and refresh the prospector.

I am calling this blog Prospecting Truth’s Riches as it implies a process and a movement towards the goal of Truth. Finding and holding truth is a bit like catching water. If you use your hands the grasp on it is very temporary. However, if you use your mouth to catch the water and your stomach to hold the water you will be able to utilise the water for your personal benefit.

So I am going to try to catch truth by the mouth and take a long hard swallow. I invite whoever reads this to join me on this prospecting expedition.

Prospecting for Truth; where we will find true riches.

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