Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Love Watching My Kids Play

Hitting the road today. Going to Weyburn, SK; Regina, SK, Medicine Hat, AB; and then Calgary, AB. Need to be home by Thursday so that I can get some work on the truck done. The A/C belt broke about a month ago and I need to get it fixed before the weather heats up or before I have to hit warmer areas of the continent.

Also, BJ has a Volleyball tournament out in Selkirk next Friday and Saturday. I love watching him play. He has skill, heart, game sense, court awareness, and courage. My heart swells with pride, and I get a great pleasure from watching him play.

Even better, I am very pleased with how he relates to the people around him. He works hard to encourage teammates, respect his coaches and play with sportsmanship. He has much of the class that I lacked in the later years of my athletic career.

The reason I write about BJ is to convey how truth is sometimes complicated.

Most of my life I have believed what I now consider to be a lie. I thought that I was a person with little ability and low character. I could see little value in who I was or in what I tried to accomplish. I thought God only watched me to correct all the mistakes I was making.

The truth about me is that God finds pleasure in who He created me to be regardless of how close to excellence my endeavours take me.

As I ponder about Truth I am considering this; God loves to be with us more than he loves to correct us. He wants to spend time with us and love on us more than He wants to make sure that we are “flying right.’ He revels in our accomplishments no matter how grand or how miniscule. We don’t have to be perfect or noticeable in the eyes of men, He sees the truth of our abilities and person as we are often blinded to them.

I have learned this; God enjoys watching me the way I like watching BJ. He gets joy and pleasure from being with me even when I fail. His love for me comes before His corrections of me.

What do you think?

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